Over the years, we've had the pleasure to meet and know many Art Deco fans from across
the US and around the world, mostly because of joining our local Art Deco Society.  
We've attended lectures, special film screenings, museum exhibits, private house tours, and
loads of fun social events. We've gotten involved in local historic preservation battles and
even lobbied Congress seeking special designations. We've attended Art Deco Congresses in the US and Europe. They have been wonderful opportunities to experience Art Deco architecture and design, and its impact in the built environment and the life of the city.
If you like Art Deco and would like to meet like minded Decophiles and learn more about
Deco in your part of the world, we encourage you to get involved by joining your local group.   When you do, please tell them that Harriet and Bob from Things Deco sent you.

Art Deco Society of Washington DC

Art Deco Society of California (San Fran area) 

Art Deco Society of Los Angeles

Art Deco Society of New York

Chicago Art Deco Society

Detroit Area Art Deco Society

Louisville Art Deco

Sacramento Art Deco Society

Art Deco Society Northwest

Twentieth Century Society of the Carolina Mountains

Art Deco Trust (New Zealand)

Art Deco and Modernism Society (Australia)

Art Deco Society of Montreal