The THINGS DECO catalog had a very humble beginning in 1992.  That year, Bob designed his personal holiday card and sent it to some of his Deco-loving friends.   We were also getting involved in Deco events and started meeting Deco lovers from other Deco societies around the country and around the world. At this time, he was on the Board of the Art Deco Society of New York,   Many of the recipients asked if he would sell them some of his cards that they could send to their friends.  And thus the business was born.
For the first year, it was just a 2-sided color copy sheet offering 3 holiday cards, a t-shirt, a calendar and 2 books.  The following year, we added items and had a 4-page folded sheet.  

For holiday season of 1994, we became a real catalog with 16 pages of a variety of merchandise, focusing on items featuring Art Deco design and lots of informative books.  By 2008, we had added many pages and widened the coverage to include those styles that influenced Art Deco as well as those that followed, essentially looking at the years 1910 - 1950.  

In 2009, we entered the Modern Age, and created this website.  And this year, we celebrate our official 20th anniversary.  

We've always enjoyed hearing from our great customers, with comments on our offerings, suggestions about potential new items, and questions about Deco resources.  We look forward to continued growth and always, to hearing from YOU.

              Thank you,
Harriet and Bob